Friday, May 20, 2011

finally...some sun!

After weeks of rain and cold weather in salt lake we headed out to Florida last week with my family to attend Nick's graduation from law school and to share one last blast as a family before my parents head off on their mission to Guam and Julia on her mission to Korea! Although I am excited for all of them, I can't help but have a bit of a heavy heart. I will miss them, but it was SO much fun to all hang out together for a few days in balmy Naples!

Since I've been pregnant Robert is always trying to compare stomachs. I think it's obvious to see who won this time. This baby is getting BIG!

Char and her cute boys!

Mr. Cool. How I love him!

I'm surprised Lincoln is smiling so big in this picture. He was NOT a fan of the ocean...which will be evident a bit further down in this post.

Robert is very serious about his sandcastle building. He spent about 45 minutes on this baby.

The Turtle Club is a restaurant right on the beach near where Nick and Megan live. It was such a beautiful evening and the food was amazing.

Lincoln is a technology baby. We all had to trade off getting Sesame Street videos off of Youtube during dinner to keep him satisfied. Lincoln is a big Nick ("Ni" as he says...he hates consonants) fan.

Charlotte in her element. You can always depend on her to create a masterpiece.

And here's the final product....tada! I made the Speedo, thank you very much.

And here is Lincoln hating me because I took him out into the ocean and we got clobbered by a wave. I not only scarred him in this instance on the trip...he also got a nasty conk to the head when I had a little slip up throwing a frisbee. Poor guy may never be the same. He literally ran for cover out of fear whenever anyone picked up the frisbee after that little accident. How am I going to be a mother? I'm going to kill my kids!

We headed into the Everglades and took a little stroll down a boardwalk off the side of the road. We were literally 20 feet away from 10 ft. alligators. I only peed my pants a little bit.

The mosquitoes spared no one on our walk, but Julia definitely got it the worst.

The graduate! We're so proud of him and so happy these two are coming back to SLC!

Could this little guy be cuter?

Baby Bennett is possibly the cutest baby in the world. I adore him. I hope our little lady is as sweet and good-natured as this little guy. Robert is also incredible with kids. I am a lucky woman.

The boys.

Our last day! It was hard to leave this place for the crummy (or is it crumby....Julia?) weather in Salt Lake.
(Robert thinks he looks like Andre Kirelinko in this picture. I think he's right, just a more handsome version. It's the hair.)

What a trip! Our next adventure to the beach will likely be much like Charlotte and Matt's this time around...babies who hate water.

To end...thank you to Charlotte for most of these awesome pictures. That photography class is paying off! Love you.

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  1. Well, now I don't have to waste time doing a post, I'll just copy and paste yours. Sorry about ALL those photos. There are A LOT to delete. I just went through a lot of them today. Lots of out of focus ones. I've still got a long way to go with the photog skills. It upsets me a lot when people with point and shoot cameras end up getting much better photos than I do, cause I'm not a master yet. Arg. Love you. I'll send you the other photos soon.