Friday, June 3, 2011

baby's all grown up and we're moving on

Julia hates that I call her Jiggies, but it's a name that just stuck and I'm not sure why. She then got the nickname "Baby Jiggies" from others and that's stuck too. Sorry my dear! Well, sweet Baby Jiggies is heading to Korea in about no time flat to serve the Lord and I am very proud of her. It's not an easy decision. Doesn't she look great here? Don't kill me, Jigs.

In any case, I have been trying to spend every ounce of time (I think time should always be measured by weight) I have with her here in SLC before she leaves. She and Rangey (Ranger/Ryan Gregson) came with me and Bob on a little outing to a restaurant we've been interested in sampling just down the street from us last weekend. We feared it might rain, but it ended up being quite lovely. And, as you can tell, Julia quite enjoyed her burger smothered with BBQ sauce. Oh, Rich's Burgers. Slimiest place in town but delicious burgers...even though mine was slightly undercooked.

Just above us hung the place I call home for 8 hours of the day. No, not the traffic lights...if only in my dreams. I sit atop the 23rd floor of the Wells Fargo building day in and day out. Isn't it weird that I just hang out hundreds of feet above the ground all day?

Rootbeer...Bobby's favorite.

Here's the best picture we could hack that night. So full. So tired. Don't we look it?
Behind us in this picture you will see our pony-tailed friend who whipped up our burgers. One man show that night.

Ranger is really excited he was going to make it onto my blog.

We took a little stroll up Main Street to settle our stomachs and then rode Trax back to our apartment. Robert and I are moving to my parent's house in a few weeks as they are off to Guam to serve as mission president and wife. There are things I will miss about living right downtown, such as last-minute jaunts to nearby restaurants and events and my proximity to work. I really have enjoyed the time we've spent living downtown but I will not be sad to live in a sunnier, cleaner-feeling house. Our apartment has been great. It is so quaint and actually has a lot more space than you'd expect for a one bedroom. However, it is old and I feel like even if I dusted and swept every day, there would still be dust bunnies hidden in every corner. It is also FREEZING and dark during the winter, and we really haven't experienced much good weather during the time we've lived there. Robert said yesterday that he's starting to like our apartment again now that we can open our windows. Too bad so's time to go.

Last night Julia went through the temple for her first time. Doesn't she look like a real, live sister missionary?? What a beauty.

It was so nice to all be together. I always enjoy going to the temple but it's especially nice when you are with those that you love and care about most.

Julia is going to be such an incredible missionary. Her mission is going to change her life, and in turn, she will help change the lives of those she serves. It's such a scary thing to give all of yourself to the Lord for 1 1/2 years, but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. I get teary just thinking about my time as a missionary. Jigs is my girl. Truly, she is one of my best friends and I am going to miss her like crazy...but I wouldn't have her trade this experience for anything. Love you Jigs!

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