Thursday, June 9, 2011

is it really a ball if you don't dance?

Last weekend Robert and I went to the American Heart Association Ball, a fundraising event for the American Heart Association. My boss was on the executive planning committee and I'd helped coordinate a lot of the planning meetings and was asked to attend because of my participation...and not because I was going to spout out big bucks at the live auction that night. Most of the tables were filled with big spenders. We just sat back and enjoyed the food. In any case, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a dress to wear to a ball when you're 7 months pregnant? Nearly impossible. Luckily I found this black little number for about $10 at Uptown Cheapskate. What a blessing! Thank goodness for baby doll dresses that give you PLENTY of room to work in the middle. Not the fanciest, but you can't go wrong with black at a black-tie affair, eh?

Here's the buddha belly in all its glory. I can't believe how quickly 7 months have come and gone. Only 8 more weeks to go starting tomorrow. Don't you love the weeds we have growing in the front of our apartment? I thought it was the perfect place for a photo.

The event was held at the Downtown Marriott and turned out great! The food was unreal (and heart healthy). It was fun to see all the planning come together. My only complaint was that there was no dancing. How can you call it a ball when there's no dancing??

My boss was the emcee for much of the event.

This is Cheryl from Leavitt Partners and her friend Ben. Cheryl is a southern woman who knows how to have a good time and has made life a lot more exciting at LP.

This is right hand man at the office, and his cute wife Jenny. Robert and I love them!

I'm hoping we don't have another black-tie affair to attend in the next 2 months, because I'm not sure how much longer this dress will fit. I may have to squeeze into it the day before the baby's due to attend Robert's brother's wedding. Who planned that?? (Thanks Mikey)

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