Friday, September 9, 2011

the munchkin and her easily entertained parents

Our life with Minnie is quite the adventure. From the pictures below you'd think she only sleeps...and she does, most of the time. However she can be quite the handful when she's awake, but it keeps us busy and entertained.

Here she is taking a little snooze in the backyard. I just love all the funny positions she gets herself into when she sleeps.

Exhibit A: The "I surrender" position

She also loves sleeping with her hands near her face like so...

The second Sunday after Minnie's arrival Robert had gotten all ready for church and told me he'd run and change her diaper really quickly before he left, as I was staying home with Minnie. Well the little munchkin had hickups, and we quickly learned that you do not change her diaper when she's hickuping. All of a sudden I heard a yell from the bathroom and I ran into find this scene...

Please take a close look at Robert's tie and pants. She pooped at the same time she hickuped and it shot straight out at him. One minute following this picture she did it again and his shirt sleeve was a goner. Robert and I couldn't stop laughing. Amazingly he was able to change and got to church on time!

I was so grateful my mom got to come home for a little while! There's nothing like having your mom around in situations like these. Here are the three of us...

A common scene...the two of us passed out after a feeding.

And to conclude this post...when Minnie is asleep her parents are quite easily entertained. Last night Robert told me that he'd like to do my hair sometime. I told him to go ahead and try something right then. Here's what he came up with:

Beautiful, isn't it? Below is his personal favorite:

He will never be doing Minnie's hair (if she ever grows any).


  1. Oh the simple pleasures of life!!!! She is perfect Laura and you look amazing!!

  2. So it's really hard to believe that Minsky is a month old. I feel like I don't even know her and wish that I did. It's sad not living close. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the do Bobby C did for you. He is a really good braider. It reminds me a bit of the polygamist braid you had in the 5th grade. Oh and so we got all our stuff from the movers and I was going through an old notebook circa 2003 or so and I had a list of baby names in there and Minnie Isabella was near the top. I guess I stole Bennett, so it's only fair. Love you!