Monday, June 18, 2012

the girl is 10 months!

This little bug is officially 10 months old and she's got 2 and 1/2 teeth to show for it. Hooray! She has always had a strong personality, but during this last month I feel like she's become even more animated and opinionated. She is a girl who knows what she wants and is quite persistent, even when we try to distract her. She also pulls some of the weirdest faces in the world, including my all time favorite, the old man face. She squints her eyes really tight and squinches up her nose like she's trying to read something she can't quite see. It's bizarre and I love it.
Here are a few of her most recent tricks:
  • She walks! Ok, it's only a few steps at a time, but she's been doing it for the past 3 weeks or so and just continues to get better.
  •  She has her two front bottom teeth, half of her top left front tooth and her 3 other top front teeth coming in as well. She's been a little fussy through it all, but still surprisingly happy.
  • She loves to go through the kitchen and empty all the cupboards she can get into. Luckily we have very few belongings besides tupperware so it's all fair game.
  • She can do a mean belly roll. As in, she has a serious career as a belly dancer in the future if she wants (however we're hopeful that's not what she chooses). The first time she did it Robert and I about died of laughter.
  • She loves to dance and will start grooving any time she hears music.
Here's a video of some of Minnie's first steps:

Here is a taste of Minnie's booty shaking:

I love this girl. I also always hope she dances like this.


  1. okay, okay, enough is enough come on back to slc. i miss you all so much...

  2. Liam heard me watching the video of Min dancing and he came over and sang and danced along! And get ready for that full on walking! Life willNEVER be the same!

  3. Okay I am laughing SO hard! She is so so cute!

  4. OH and I didn't know you had a blog! YAY!