Thursday, June 21, 2012

a purchase worth shearing about

Robert gets his hair cut at Dollar Cuts. After that statement it goes without saying, but Robert always gets terrible haircuts. The other night he decided that maybe we would save money if I just cut it for him, so he bought clippers. This was a risky decision for two reasons. One: I have never cut a man's hair in my life and the two times I've cut a woman's hair she's had to go get it fixed directly following my feeble attempt. Two: Robert has the hardest hair in the world to cut. He has about seven cowlicks that each have a mind of their own. I was nervous.

We decided to take a before and after mug shot, just to see the difference. And, like any good before and after, Robert said he needed to look as sad as possible in the before picture. I think he did a pretty good job, don't you? 

  He looks seriously depressed. I about lost it when I saw these two side by side.
All in all, the haircut didn't turn out too bad. One of the cowlicks in the back got the better of me and stands up just a tad, but that's nothing a week of growth can't fix. Here here to saving $15 every month!
(p.s. why do they call it "Dollar Cuts" when it costs 15 times $1 +tip? rip off)

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