Monday, June 4, 2012


Life is slow and easy in these parts. Minnie and I usually wake up in the morning to the sound of Robert turning on the shower or opening the cupboard to get a bowl for cereal. Our street is quiet and our place is small. I've decided I always want to live in a small home. Do you think I'll retract that statement when I have 2+ teenagers? Likely. But in the meantime, I love a cozy space. Lately my days are filled with kissing big, juicy baby cheeks, sewing and discovering this little part of the world. I love it.
Gramsy Mecham's been in town to help Aunt Pat in her recovery from knee surgery. I was so excited to have her here. While she was here we went on a few adventures out in Mennonite country, including a nursery where she bought me a lovely little basil plant, a fabric store where I bought some fabric for a project I've been working on and a little market with freshly picked produce.
There are so many fun farmer's markets and flea markets in the area. Robert and I found one online this weekend called "Saturday's Market" and decided to give it a look. Oh boy, were we in for a whale of a surprise! I wasn't sure whether I was in Chinatown or sifting through someone's garbage. The new things that were for sale were all cheaply made knock-offs and everything else looked like junk you'd find in the basement of a hoarder's house. Ok, ok, it wasn't that bad, and there were  a few redeeming booths, but for the most part it was a pretty big disappointment. My uncle and aunt recommended another market on Fridays that's just 15 or 20 minutes away, so I think we'll be safer sticking to their recommendations rather than trying to find something on our own.
 I did enjoy people watching at the market and I also thought the customized lawn chairs were kind of cool, in a white trash kind of way. Bob also mingled with the locals, as you can see. That man...a child at heart I tell you. And this picture below? Well, this was just hilarious. Not fattening? Right, and Robert only eats 2 pieces of candy a day at work.
Here's to adventures coming up this weekend!

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