Thursday, June 13, 2013

baa ram yoo

We have a membership to the zoo, but you know what the zoo lacks?
Farm animals.
Currently our family has been on a little "Babe" kick.
It's probably because it's one of the few children's movies my parents own.
And guess what? It's on VHS. I know, kill me...right?
But that hasn't stopped us from watching it, oh...about one million times in the last two months.

My blessed sister, Julia, who lives with us, accompanied me and the Minster to Wheeler Farm a few days ago for a picnic and a little farm animal browsing.
Now let me take a little aside here and tell you how much I love having her live with us.
She is one of Minnie's very favorite people. I love seeing those two together.
Min loves to play the guitar with her, the piano, sing with her, dance with her, read with name it.
Julia's the first thing Min looks for when we get home and if she hears someone opening the front door she'll look at me and say, "Ju Ju?" ever so hopefully.
We are one lucky bunch to have "Ju Ju" in our life.

Okay, so back to the farm animals...
As we walked into the farm we saw some ducks, then some cows, then some bunnies, and then we were onto the sheep.
Julia held Minnie up over the fence so she could get a good look at them and pretty soon all I hear from Minnie is "Baa ram yoo!" over and over again.
"Baa ram yoo" she'd say, crouching next to the fence and staring them in the face, expecting a response or something.
She couldn't get enough. I about died!
The things this kid pulls out! She makes me laugh so much every day, especially as she starts using more and more words.

I love watching Minnie learn and discover and take things in.
She is a serious sponge these days, soaking up everything we tell her and everything she sees.
It makes life so fun for me. I'm always thinking about things we could do that she'd enjoy.
I see the world in a new light and I love it.

And on a side about that black and pink pig in the last picture sleeping with its' tongue out? I love it!
Reminds me of our old dog Zack who was always sleeping like that.

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  1. That is SO, SO funny!!! I love it. Just wanted to share something not really related other than our kids making us smile. So I've been letting the kids switch car seats every now and again, and the other day after soccer, they were fighting, as usual about who gets to sit in the back. Benny was hitting and yelling cause Lincoln was sitting in the back, although it was Lincoln's turn. I pulled Benny out of the car and told him that I was leaving him there at the soccer field. Lincoln, in Bennett's defense and with a bit of horror in his tone said, "No!! Don't leave my brother here, I'll move". I have never seen him move faster. He popped out of the back chair and made his way to the other in no time flat. I thought it was so sweet. Even when Benny is being bad, and we have exhausted all other means of discipline, we resort to a spank, and Lincoln tells us afterwards to not be mean to HIS brother. I think it is so cute! Love you! Glad we got to FINALLY chat the other day.