Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the girls and a birthday party

I am a girl who loves girl friends.
I also love, love, love my family, but I just feel like every girl needs some good girl friends.

This summer I am lucky enough to have one of my best friends in SLC for a few months.
This is a true rarity, especially considering she will likely be moving to England for forever come August.
Laurel is one of those friends that I can go without seeing for months on end, and as soon as we're together again it's as easy and natural as it ever was.
I love that about my close girl friends. That's just how it should be, don't you think?

Last week a few of us were able to reunite at my friend Nikki's for her husbands birthday BBQ.
Nikki is expecting her first babe in October and I can't tell you how excited I am to have a new "mom friend."
I can never get enough of those. What's better, she's already one of my best friends so being "mom" best friends is like a dream come true for me.
Hopefully her little boy likes older women because I'm seeing an arranged marriage in the future.

Minnie was loving all the attention at the party and was having the grandest time running around making friends and making Robert chase her (bless him).
That is, until she took a little nose dive into the dirt.
It only really deterred her for about 2 minutes and then she was off again.
And Laurel sharing her "pretties" with her quickly cheered her up.

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  1. A few things... A) your bump is ADORABLE!!! I'm so excited for you to experience #2. B) I didn't know Nikki is pregnant! How exciting and fun for you guys to have babes so close in age. C) laurel's dress is to die for!

    Lets hang out, eh? I have a feeling Minnie and Finn would be good friends, they remind me SO much of each other! Maybe that means they would butt heads? Haha either way I say we have a little play date and find out. ;)