Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a letter to my minnie


To my sweet Minnie Isabella,

It’s hard to believe that our days with just the two of us are coming to an end. I’m not entirely sure why, but in some ways it makes me a little sad. I have loved our days spent together. You have become my little best friend.

As I write this you are upstairs napping in your bed and the house feels so quiet and still. Is it crazy that I miss you while you’re sleeping? That one of my favorite parts of the day is greeting you in the morning and after naps? Of course I need a little break here and there, but Min, you are my life. You have brought our world to life. My eyes brim with tears as I think back to the day you came into this world. The first time I saw you, held you, kissed you. It was then that I learned the meaning of whole-hearted, real as could be, unconditional love. I will forever be grateful to you, my little bug, for teaching me to be a mom. It has been my greatest gift.

You and I, we’ve experienced a whole new world together. We’ve cried together, laughed together, discovered together. Those first few months took us some getting used to. But look! We made it. And I’d say we’ve done pretty darn well. 

Minnie, you are my little firecracker. Life is one giant playground to you. You are enthusiastic about almost everything and seem to be constantly running circles around me. Always running. I don’t think those little feet have stopped since you learned how to toddle around on your own. I love your sass, your sweet…even your sour. You make me laugh. Sometimes you make me laugh really hard. The little face you make when you pretend to sing is probably my favorite. That, or the way you dance when you’re in nothing but a diaper, belly rolls and all.

You, my love, are beautiful, kind, intelligent, funny and full of sunshine. I had no idea how full my life would be when I started this adventure called motherhood. You have made it magnificent.

Beginning Thursday this little family of three will be a family of four. And do you know what I’m looking most forward to? Bringing you to the hospital to meet your sister. I can’t help but think that the two of you will be the best of friends and I’m so grateful she has you to look up to, to learn from and to love her. You are going to be a wonderful sister. And the three of us, we’re going to be the three amigos. Just think how much fun adding one more to the mix will be. It’s hard for me to imagine loving anyone as much as I love you, but I believe that the more our family grows the more our hearts and their capacity to love will grow. Life will become more full and lovely and wonderful. I’m grateful I’ll have you by my side to start this new chapter of our lives. 

I love you more than you can possibly understand. Perhaps when you have babies of your own you'll finally know, but it's a love more real than anything. I can't wait to feel it a second time.

I love you to the moon Minnie loo!



  1. What a beautiful letter, I'm totally in tears after reading it. I remember what you're feeling all too well - SO excited and ready to meet the baby but, at the same time, a little sad to see the days of just you and your whole world come to an end. Writing a letter to Finn definitely helped me in my mourning process. ;) but you are 100% correct that our capacity to love grows with each new baby and you'll be amazed at how fast and real your love for #2 comes. As magical as it was having just one baby to share each day with, 2 is even better. Double the fun! You'll do great!! Good luck, and please, let me know if you need anything! Lets start up a weekly lunch/walk/play date group with abi & Jessica as soon as everyone is back on their feet!

  2. Loved this! I need to write a letter to Liam.
    I remember feeling the same way, about having to share my time with Liam.but watching him become a brother has been the most rewarding and amazing experience. I have so much love for him when I hear him say "I wuv my baby wittle stister" or when he holds her hand on the stroller. I'm so excited for you to have 2!! Good luck on Thursday, I can't wait to meet that sweet little girl!