Wednesday, August 14, 2013

summer days

When I think about summer ending it kind of makes me want to cry.
Yes, I love the fall and yes, I love Christmas, but we just had the longest most depressing winter and spring this year and it still weighs heavy on my mind sometimes.
I am realizing that our days like these, spent in the backyard in the baby pool, lounging on towels and blowing bubbles are numbered.
I'm not ready.

As usual, I get ahead of myself.
I dread what's coming well before it even gets here and somehow overlook all of the good that's left.
Like the fact that August is just barely half over and that September is generally quite warm.
Why do I always do that?

Minnie is an outside girl through and through.
Often her first request in the morning, besides either applesauce or chocolate milk, is to go "ousside."
Give her a few layers of clothing and eventually a new snow suit and we'll continue to venture our way outside throughout the year.
Winter, please be kind to us...and come on easy this year, would ya?

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  1. Kind of forgot you had a baby. So sweet!! I'm pretty sure of the two of us, WE had the most long and depressing winter. Come to Houston for Christmas!!!