Monday, September 30, 2013

lou lou's big day

Yesterday was a big day for Miss Lou Lou.
She was blessed by her papa, and boy was it beautiful.

As I dressed her in her white little dress yesterday morning my eyes began to fill with tears.
This sweet dress was made by my grandma, Louise Pia Welch, after whom our little Louisa is named.
As I ironed out the lace details and went over the perfectly embroidered flowers and seams I thought of my grandma's slender hands lovingly making this dress.
I miss her more than I can say, but it meant so much to be able to have a little piece of her with us on such a special day.
This was the dress she'd made for me when I was a babe and now both of my sweet girls have been blessed in it as well.
It's such a treasure to me.

The day was so lovely.
To me, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a dad blessing his child.
Robert is such a good, good man and as I watch him hold his girls my heart swells knowing how much he loves them and how lucky we are to have him in our lives.
He is a man who loves the Lord, and how grateful I am he holds and honors his priesthood.
The spirit was so strong as he blessed Louisa yesterday, I almost couldn't bare it.
This perfect little babe held by a circle of worthy men who love is one of the sweetest sights in this world.

It was so much fun to have so many good friends and family to share this special day with.
Lunch at our place after the blessing was perfect.
Megan, my dearest sister-in-law, ran the kitchen like the dreamboat she is so we could host and mingle.
I'm telling you, she is an angel.
Minnie was in heaven with lots of little friends to play with.
Our friends, the VanWagenen's, finally returned from Oregon and it was soooo nice to see them again.
Minnie and Gray were such good buds before they left, and it seems like they just started where they left off.

This world is filled with so much that is ugly and hateful and crude, but it is days like these that I am reminded of all the beauty, the good and the happy.
It is such a gift to be able to love, to have people in our lives who uplift and support us and to help us see the good.
I am confident this is why our Heavenly Father wants us to be in families.
He needs us to be there for each other, to overcome the evil in this world and to be a beacon of light for each other and for those around us.
I am so grateful for my girls, for my family and for our good friends, who I consider family.
These people are my everything.

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  1. Wish I could have been there. Louisa looks so precious in her lace. I almost started crying even before I knew that was the dress grandma made. Louisa just looks so pure and innocent and is such a sweet babe.