Thursday, January 2, 2014

these people of mine


My cute friends got us a gift certificate for some newborn pictures for Lou when she was born, which was like the sweetest thing of all time, but this mama didn't get her booty in gear in time to get them done.
And you know what? I'm kind of glad it happened that way.
Gosh I love little Lou, but I really wanted pictures of the whole gang of us.
So there you have it.
Five months later and we had ourselves a family photo shoot for free.
Not bad.

I must admit that I was not in love with about 50% of the poses and backgrounds our photographer was pulling out (and I didn't have the backbone to really state my dislike for them...which I should have..blah!).
But somehow, by some miracle, we ended up with some of my very favorite pictures thus far.
It's probably because those three people there by my side, those are the people that make my world go 'round.
And even at her awkward five-month stage, Lou was able to pull off some sweet, chubby-cheeked half smiles.
And Min...oh my word! Look at her smiles...she's not even faking it.
That my friends, is the real deal.
I'm afraid we won't see anything this good from her for another five years.

As Robert and I sat down to a bowl of ice cream last night at the dining room table after getting the girls to bed, we started talking about our goals for 2014.
I, like probably 98.6% of the world, am terrible at setting and keeping my goals.
But goodness, I like to make them anyway.
For starters, I'd like to be more organized and keep this house of ours more put together.
Wipe off counters, clean up toys, put away my blow dryer...that kind of stuff.
I'd also like to eat healthier, spend less time on my phone and computer and get Minnie off of TV completely (probably not realistic, but a girl can dream, right?).
But when I look through these pictures I just feel this overwhelming sense of love for these three people and such a desire to love them more. To love them better.
I live for them...literally.
I struggle to be the kind of mom these girls deserve and as good of a wife to Robert as the kind of husband he is to me.
I believe if every day my whole intent is to love and serve them better I will find myself changing and improving in every aspect of my life.
I'm sure of it.
That's not to say that I'm going to totally forget myself and not pick up new hobbies or try to develop new talents, but I think those things will help me be an even better, more well-rounded person for these people of mine.
So here's to that.
And here's to 2014 and wiping down my counters more often.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Who took them? It's hard to find a good photographer these days who is reasonably priced!

  2. Gosh, that Minnie is just adorable. I love that girl and I love this whole family. I'm so glad I got such awesome friends by marriage. :)

  3. Beautiful photos! :)