Friday, May 30, 2014

weekly rewind

Best: backyard BBQ with the Powells and the Ayers - what I thought were giant weeds in the front of our house blooming the most beautiful orange flowers (obviously I know nothing about plants) - thrift shopping and finding a side table for $5 - Lou's side part when she gets out of the tub - hanging at the Vanwagenen's and having Marissa make all of us the most delicious lunch while I just sat there and chatted her ear off - Minnie sleeping in until 10 am Tuesday (hello dreamy!) - Louie sleeping through the night for a few days in a row (knock on wood) - listening to Minnie sing herself to sleep at night - Lou's little sitting down rocking dance moves along with her cheesy four-tooth smile - ceiling fans at night (I really hate them but Robert insists we keep them for practical reasons so he is going to rub this in big time) - gold spray paint that is lasting forever - listening to the girls laugh at each other - Min hitching rides with all her boyfriends - watching Lou try to raise both legs when you set her on the grass - Julia playing a little ditty for Min because we came late to the show - rearranging furniture - rose bushes in the yard coming back with a bang...I love flowers that you don't have to work for - the most amazing Hawaiian ice with Mikey, Nikki and baby Hudson - hanging up pictures at 10 pm when the kids should be in bed (maybe this should be in the worst? Worst parents anyway...) - dancing in the kitchen with Robert and Minnie cutting in to dance with my man - sharing a big bowl of edemame with Min on the daily - the girls coordinating lengthy naps pretty much every day

Worst: Louie getting the stomach flu and not wanting to eat for daaaaays - check out lines at ikea that take an hour to get through every single time...I swear! - Lou tipping over in the shopping cart and conking her head - showing up late to a concert and missing Julia's set - Minnie rubbing hand sanitizer in her eye...oy! - finding black widows in our basement window wells (Minnie hasn't talked about anything else since and goes ballistic if she feels any faint tickle on her just HAS to be a spider) - Lou ALWAYS bolting it for those wooden stairs - Bob's allergies that are making him delirious - Not being able to chat with my parents who are out of range on a tiny little island somewhere -Min's inevitable "I need to go potty" escape routine from her room right after we put her down - laundry, laundry and more never ends - our zoo pass that expires tomorrow

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