Wednesday, June 4, 2014

before and after: living room

I really wanted our living room to be bright and comfortable but after buying our house we were working on a tight budget,
I knew from experience that there were lots of ways I could cut costs but I also felt strongly about not cutting corners on some big items, like couches, that would hopefully last us a loooong time.
I still don't feel like the space is complete (I'm not sure I ever will), but because lots of our pieces were inexpensive I don't think I'll feel too badly about switching some of them out down the road if I find things I like better.
And I'm not in love with our bitsy tv on top of the piano, but it works for now especially when I need a shower and want to anchor Minnie with a show for a minute.

I went with white paint (big surprise...I'm having a serious moment with white), but the minute we painted over the blue and tan I felt like the space opened up and brightened up infinitely.
I was afraid the room would feel way too, um....white, but by painting some furniture, the front door, and adding colorful pillows and art I felt like it offset it just how I wanted it to.

So, if you're just dying to know where I got everything, here is a quick run down of the room:

Piano and bench: we found for $275 on KSL classifieds from a cute old couple. I painted the bench. I'm still thinking about painting the piano but I'm not sold on a color yet.
Couches: We got these from Down East Outfitters. They weren't cheap but we got them on a holiday weekend so they were an additional 10% off
Rug: where most rugs are often 50% off
Dining table: This was originally $900 from West Elm but we got it at Down East Outfitters on clearance for $100
Dining chairs: Got these free from Robert's mom's neighbor
Lamps: Standing one is from Ikea and table lamp is from TJ I love both of those stores!
Coffee table: Ikea (I want to get a new one soon)
Side table: I got this thrift shopping for $5 and then painted it using paint the previous owners had left
Curtains: TJ Maxx
Pillows: The green one is from TJ Maxx and the long black and white one is from Ross but all the others are pillow covers from H&M home online for a steal! The couches came with lots of pillows that I didn't like so pillow covers were the answer.
Throw: Pottery Barn
Picnic basket: $8 from DI
Frames: Most of these are from DI for $2 or less. I looked for frames with mats and then painted the frames and the mats white. All of the other frames are from Target or Ikea.
Artwork: I bought a few pieces at art markets, thrifted a few and painted the flowers, ampersand and flamingo myself. 
Hallway rug: Urban Outfitters
Vases: thrifted, a gift and the small one is from H&M Home
Crocheted flowers: A gift from a friend who owns this cute shop on Etsy
Placemats: $3.50 from TJ Maxx


  1. love love love your house! This makes me want to do a post just like this...but yours looks so much cuter than mine! So fun!!!

  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Seriously, cutest living room ever. I'm so glad you shared your sources, we're getting to the point that we need new couches (our entire set cost us $200 off ksl when we were newlyweds. It's a wee bit old ;) I never though of DownEast, genus!! You did an awesome job!! xoxo

  3. SO GORGEOUS! Seriously love it!

  4. I freaking love it! Please come do my house next oh, and how come I never knew there was an H&M Home?!?!?
    P.S. you should link this up over at my blog today at

  5. Cuteness... maybe I will paint our TV room white. The blue is just too blue. Not my best work.

  6. Gorgeous! Love, love, love the white. White walls and wood floors, you seriously cannot go wrong. Love all your pictures on the wall too. And thanks for link :) Oh and hey, if you here of any rentals in your area, let me know because we have to be out of our place in 30 days! :(