Tuesday, June 17, 2014

father's day

Robert got stuck in NYC Friday night due to bad weather and ended up in Denver sometime close to 2 AM.
He didn't make it home until 1 PM Saturday after a long night trying to sleep (but hardly sleeping) at the Denver airport.
After a hard week and an even harder start to the weekend I wanted to make sure he had a memorable Father's Day.

The girls were nice enough to let us sleep in until 9 AM on Sunday (insert choirs of angels singing here) and luckily Robert was still sleeping when I snuck out of the room to whip up a little breakfast in bed.
Minnie woke up just as it was about finished and together we got his gifts together.
She was soooo excited to surprise him.
Tiny Prints has some of the cutest personalized gifts and together Min and I decided on the desktop easel for Robert and filled the collage with some of my favorite Instagram pictures from the past few months.
Robert is at work so much of his day when I know he'd rather be with us, so I felt like having a little piece of us on his desk might be something to help him get through his day.
I loved the way it turned out!
A snippet of our real life captured in such a simple way.
Minnie also painted a little watercolor that we framed (which she felt pretty great about).

We crept into the room, Minnie with present in hand and I with Louie and breakfast in mine, and bombarded the bed.
Minnie and Lou snuggled up to Robert and happily helped him open the gifts.
Robert loved the easel and immediately mentioned he'd be taking it to work this week.
Min was so excited to point out where everyone was in the pictures and was so proud of her artwork.

Seeing that man with those two sweeties by his side means the world to me.
He is an incredible father to those girls and deserves the world.
I'm so glad we could help him feel how much we loved him.
He kept saying how thoughtful the gifts were over and over (which I guess means we did something right!).

A big thanks to Tiny Prints for the help with this perfect gift!

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  1. How do you get your kiddos to sleep in? I am so jealous. Ella wakes up at 6:30am on the dot every day! No fun when I don't get much sleep at night because of the other munchkin. p.s your house is so cute. Keep posting pictures. You do such a great job decorating. :)