Monday, June 23, 2014

weekly rewind {on a monday}

best: father's day and spending lots of time with family - reuniting with robert after four days apart {again} - alt summit at the grand america - seeing martha stewart and joy cho - lots of good food allllll week - my dreamiest cousin mary taking my girls for two days so I could go to alt {minnie never wanted to come home} - late night rides home and both babes falling asleep so hard that I just transferred them to their bedtime routine of all time {however minnie's teeth somehow didn't get brushed for two whole days because of this. major mom fail!} -maddie's mission farewell and seeing lots of our favorite people from our old ward - a solo shopping trip to city creek between alt sessions and then meeting up with shelly for dinner - the shoes I ordered getting here weeks earlier than I thought they would - julia playing the part of my husband for a few days. I love her so much for it - meeting tons of new, amazing people - counting down to about a week before my parents get hooooome!!!!!!!!!

worst: robert leaving for philadelphia - the messiest house of all time for days and days on end - a loss for the dt2003 basketball team - a calous building up on Lou's middle finger from her sucking on them all the time - feeling disappointed in myself for a few different things - Lou falling off the couch - a disappointing hair appointment - boxelder bug takeover at my parents - soooo much cleaning to do at my parents - nap refusals

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