Friday, July 25, 2014

(a two week) weekly rewind

best: louie's first birthday! - elyse and dave in town from new york - grandma days commencing - a splash pad nearly to ourselves - dinner and concert in the park with jigs - an afternoon stroll down bountiful main street - soooo many apricots - zoo date with veronica and george and our first ride on the new train ("mom, i'm so excited! woohoo! this is so fun!") - pool night with the collard brothers at george's - new cars for julia and my parents (soon we will all own hondas) - successful apricot jam and a jam party with dani and amy and their cute little girls - more rec center pool days - getting our guest bedroom up and running for charlotte and matt and co's arrival this weekend (eeeeeeek!) - backyard water day with the larsons - thrift store scores - the prettiest walk up city creek canyon - an impromptu dinner with nick and megan (and the arringtons) at chungas - sunday dinners at grandma and grandpas

worst: having my car hit in the smith's parking lot and coming out to a majorly dented bumper (and the guy hit and ran...luckily a good samaritan couple saw it happen and got the guys license plate number. bless them) -  trip to wisconsin for bobby - digging gravel for hours to get our new patio up and running - and insanely messy backyard -rotten apricot cleanup - shots for louie at the dr - losing my man to monday night basketball games (i love and hate that whole thing) - grandpa george not doing so well

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  1. I love that I now recognize places in your yard and neighborhood and are familiar with Louisa's new toys. Thanks again for having us!!