Thursday, August 28, 2014

weekly rewind

ok, so this post is pretty much covering a month of our life and my phone is about busting at the seams with pictures, hence a photo dump was mandatory.

best: cousins in town for weeks!!! - insane amounts of birthday celebrations - min wearing her birthday crown everywhere for days straight - a mecham family golden phoenix outing while aunt kathy was in town - pia family reunion - an all-day lagoon extravaganza with auntie julia for min's bday - a plum tree with the best plums I have every had {minnie ate four in one sitting} - taking uncle nick to the zoo for his birthday which minnie still talks about - laurel in town for her wedding! - having the whole collard clan together to celebrate papa george - summer coming to an end - chick-fil-a sauce...I am addicted - a date night out for our anniversary while auntie j watched the girls - visiting my mom in her new classroom - riggy's and aspen's first birthday parties - making lots of fun plans for september! - cooler weather and open windows - an almost finished patio {the end is in sight!} - lots of rockin' playdates with friends - our tomatoes finally coming in 

worst - a guy hitting my car in the grocery store parking lot while I was in the store and then driving away {thank goodness for those saints who saw it happen and got his plate number for me...the best and the worst of humanity all at once} - robert's dad not doing so well - lou falling down our flight of wooden stairs in her diaper {I still have the worst mom guilt about it} - a diseased apple tree - minnie kind of despising the scooter we got her for her birthday - robert being in denver for our actual anniversary - my parents going back to work

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