Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day vacay {in iphone pics}

My cute friend, Sara, and her husband Arne run a whitewater rafting company in Jackson Hole, WY, and every summer they pack up and move there for four months.
Sara, Abi, Shelly and I have been a fearsome foursome since rooming together at college in 2005.
We have a bunch of traditions together but had yet to start one with our little families.
This year we decided it was high time to make Labor Day in Jackson our annual family get together, and man, it was fun!

Arne took a few of us on a trip down the Snake River while Shelly and Abi were angels and stayed back with the babes.
A huge rainstorm hit right before we got on the water and right after we got off, but we lucked out with such a good run.
Every time we hit a rapid this scream came out from the very deepest part of me and didn't stop until we were through it.
So embarrassing, but it was like some sort of reflex that I couldn't control.
The kids played and built sandcastles down by the sand beach at the camp where Sara and Arne stay, we walked around cute downtown and ate some good BBQ for dinner.
It rained a good part of the time we were there, so we threw on our sweatshirts and huddled in the living room and played games, watched movies and laughed our guts out.

Can't wait to share some more pictures of the weekend soon!

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