Thursday, September 4, 2014

our last day in jackson

Sunday in Jackson was pretty gloomy as far as the weather was concerned.
The kids woke up early so we decided to make it to early church in town.
We came back and cozied up while the littles took their naps.
The clouds finally broke a bit later in the afternoon so we piled into one of the 15 passenger vans to head up to Teton Village.
You would have thought it was Christmas by the look on Minnie's face as we piled into the van.
"We're all together!!" she said with a grin ear to ear.
The gondola up the mountain is free after 4 pm at and the view from the restaurant and patio at the top was incredible.

It was about 15 degrees cooler up there and all of us got chilly pretty quick.
We drove back to the camp and the boys got to work building a fire while the girls wrapped up tinfoil dinners.
I'm telling you, everything tastes better cooked in a fire.
It just does.
The sun was setting as we ate and the sky was filled with bright little pink clouds.
After some s'mores and peach cobbler we were all officially stuffed to the brim.
Minnie declared it bedtime (a real win in my book) and after a bath and some snuggles our little buggies went down without a fight.

As we were hanging out in the living room Arne spotted a mouse in the kitchen which then turned and ran toward our room which had a large gap underneath the door.
To say I was creeped out is an enormous understatement, especially since Minnie was asleep on a mattress on the floor.
I mean, hello, we are in the middle of the mountains so I should probably expect that, but to know a little fury friend was sleeping with us that night about did me in.

Is it crazy that I get the urge to cry every time a trip is over?
I am probably going to see all of these people in the next week or so, but it just feels like the closing of a little piece of my life that I'd been looking forward to for awhile.
So thank heavens for traditions because in 360 days we'll get to do it all over again!

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