Thursday, December 4, 2014

life around here

I have been taking a lot of random pictures on my big camera the last few weeks and although they are all over the place, I love them and want to remember them.

Mornings with our little ladies are pretty slow when Minnie doesn't have preschool so we will often stay in her jammies well into the day.
I kind of treasure the days where we just stick around the house and color, watch movies, dance to Christmas music and drink chocolate milk.
The other day I asked Minnie if she wanted to go to the zoo (we'd been inside forever and it was such a nice December day out) but she told me she just "wanted to stay home for a little while."
I was slightly disappointed because I needed to get out (and I secretly really love the zoo) but then I thought about how wonderful it was that Minnie wanted to stay home.
We weren't doing anything special, but home is where she wanted to be.
I hope that's always how it is.

Minnie and Lou are the best of buds these days.
They can obviously be the worst of enemies too, but hey, that's siblinghood for you.
Min seriously keeps Lou entertained a good part of the day which makes my life so much easier and will have me encouraging people to have their kids close for the rest of my life.
The other day I caught Minnie in her room reading Lou a book.
And Lou was just sitting there intently listening to all of Min's little words.
I couldn't help but sneak a pic.
Minnie also loves to feed Lou.
This has made for some scary moments for me in the past when I'd find huge pieces of who-knows-what in Lou's mouth, but now that she's older Min will share apples with her or stand in front of her high chair and put little bits of food into Lou's mouth.
Lou generally leans waaaaay over and opens her mouth extra wide and then gives a little closed mouth grin as she chews.
Those two push me to my limit like you wouldn't believe, but there are so many moments during the day where I find myself thanking Heavenly Father they are mine and that I get to treasure little moments like these.

Minnie is obsessed with helping in the kitchen.
I have cursed that darn Ikea stool a time or two because she is always flinging it around the kitchen so she can get up to the counter and "help" me do whatever I'm doing.
Our family was in charge of the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving at my parents house this year and I loved watching Minnie spending five minutes washing every potato.
After they were clean she stood beside me and tossed all of the potatoes I'd chop into the big pot of water.
I know she won't always be so anxious to help so I am grateful for the chance I have to see her get so excited about it now.

Thanksgiving at my parents was wonderful.
The table was longer and more full than it has ever been before.
I love that my parents have always been the kind of people to make sure people have a place to go and feel welcome during the holidays.
We were surrounded by family, sweet friends, neighbors, and two cute Korean exchange students.
The only thing that would have made it better was if Charlotte and her crew had been there.

Christmas is in full swing over in these parts.
We've got our Pandora Christmas station on full blast 95% of the day and Robert and I miraculously have the majority of our Christmas shopping done.
Now for the least favorite part.
Minnie keeps telling me we need a Christmas tree, and she is right.
That's next on the Christmas family countdown.
I love this time of year!

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  1. Very sweet moments. I love hearing about all the funny things your girls do. Linocln and Bennett AND Eldon love to "help" as well. It gets so crazy with all three "helping" at once. It's way more fun when it is one-on-one, but that rarely happens. You know, it's funny, cause you'd think that Lincoln and Bennett would play more together since they are closer, but Bennett and Eldon laugh and play together all the day long. Raising Eldon has been so much easier than Lincoln and Bennett when they were little, cause he follows the big boys around instead of dumping bottles of soap places or filling the toilet with the whole roll of toilet paper. Eldon's toddlerhood really has been so pleasant (most the time, of course). Hope #4 is the same.