Tuesday, March 3, 2015

monthly rewind: february

best: a trip to houston to see the adsero clan - 60 degree weather for a few weeks of february - shelly and andrew's wedding - lots of amazing girls nights leading up to the wedding including wearing our old prom dresses to dinner - lunch with elyse who was in town from nyc...I miss her! - dolphin boat tour in galveston followed by the rainforest cafe and a couple hours at the beach - getting over pink eye - my saturday date with minnie - surprise diamond earrings from robert for valentines day - generous friends - the girls (mostly) behaving on our flights -  discovering the best mascara of all time - apollo burger and delivering valentines with the girls on v-day - being able to practice my photography on friends - Mecham family FHE - robert having president's day off - getting the basement bathroom painted - minnie's imagination and little songs she makes up - all of lou's new words and trying to decipher what she's telling me - the U of U basketball game with the larson's (which they sadly lost) - watching robert and julia's ward basketball games - sweet friends who find dining room chairs on ksl for us for a steal!

worst: louie pooping in the bathtub - a mini panic attack on the plane (darn you claustrophobia) - missing robert during the first part of our trip while he stayed here and then went to meetings in Las Vegas - trying to understand God's will in a lot of situations - feeling anxious but really trying hard not to - sicknesses that won't go away - the UPS guy delivering huge boxes that weren't ours and then having to drive them in my tiny car to the right house - robert getting stuck in the snow trying to drive to work this morning (it's apparent we need an SUV soon) - leaving houston and just wishing we could all live by each other

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