Wednesday, March 18, 2015

weekly rewind

best: a date with my minnie girl to the vintage whites market - finally painting the downstairs bathroom - two hang outs in one week with nikki and cute cousin hudson - discovering cutlers (thanks nikki!) - zoo date with nikki and baby george - lunch with amy, dani and their girls at amy's cute house - getting to take pictures of huddy for his first birthday - bob and I trading off to attend sessions of saturday stake conference - getting out of church at noon thanks to said stake conference (hello awesome sunday nap!) - playing in the snow with the girls and sledding down our side hill (the only thing it's good for) - some major thrift finds - the snow melting in a matter of days and the weather back up to the 70's - jillian's blessing - taking pictures of the gummersall family - church bball and now some exciting region games - an impromptu walk down main street after a post office run and walking by the dance studio so min could watch the cute ballerinas. they waved at her and I think she was star struck.  I've got to get her in dance asap - abby's little birthday surprise - our tree out front turning pink - chopping my hair even shorter (I think it's the shortest it has ever been and it is liberating) - making summer travel plans (we've got lots of ideas...hopefully we can make a decision soon) - bare feet in the sand - a little trip to bountiful pond - play date with ginger and the boys - green eggs for st. patty's day - getting to facetime with nick, megan and baby J (or as minnie called him last time, "miah-jiah"...she'll get it eventually) - the girls being soooo good on most of our shopping trips the last couple weeks (knock on wood) - sun on our faces - kettle corn - a trip to our favorite library in the avenues - the girls playing super well together (most of the time) - a sushi date with bob - gilmore girls in the evening after the girls go to bed (I am already dreading when I finish it and I still have two seasons left)

worst: a UTI for miss minnie (she went to the bathroom literally 25 times in one day) - insane winter storm that had us stranded at home and robert working at home after a near crash just down the street - swimsuit shopping - going to chili's (because we had a gift card there and I didn't want to cook) and then realizing we'd lost the gift card as soon as we went to pay - eldon's scary little seizure - louie always trying to snuggle when I'm doing crunches (this is mostly good but I will take any excuse to stop exercising so it's a real struggle) - louie's face plant into the sand - minnie refusing to wear anything but a dress (this isn't new, but somehow it's getting worse) - doctor sending prescriptions to the wrong pharmacy - rearranging (I love this, but it's on the worst list because I think it drives bob bonkers) - jillian michael's 30 day shred kicking my booty - amy moving away - learning patience and faith and trust in God's timing - daylight savings (but I love all the light in the evening)

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