Tuesday, April 7, 2015

a video: our easter 2015

In the past I have felt like if things weren't just so I couldn't post them, but I think I've missed out on documenting a lot of our life the last year because of it.
I love seeing beautiful things but I have come to realize more and more how the ordinary and the messy is beautiful in its own right.
I decided to take a few video clips of our Easter Sunday and then put them together in a video.
Pictures are fun, but video just has so much life to it.
In this video we've all got major bedhead, the house is a wreck, the girls are in their last-resort-because-we-need-to-do-laundry jammies and our yard is a mess, but hey, we had such a beautiful day with people we love and I'm so grateful I'll have this to remember it by.


  1. I'm offended that you covered up Yoshi. Bwahahaha!

  2. this video is beautiful! I really really need to jump on the video train! I love photos, but there is something so great about making a video to have and watch like this!