Monday, October 19, 2015

weekly rewind

best: decorating our mantel (aka the top of our piano) for Halloween. Minnie was out-of-her-mind excited. The simple pleasures, eh? And I'm determined that in our next house we will have a real mantel - fall nights that feel like summer - when the girls sleep in longer than I do - a Columbus Day spent with Bob, running (mostly) fun errands, meeting up with family at City Creek for lunch, seeing Hotel Transylvania 2 with the girls and then going for pony rides, witch hunting and a makeshift picnic at Gardner Village (we were all pooped by the end of the day) - picking tomatoes in the backyard - Sara's little baby Ellie Maeve who made her entrance into the world! - hanging out at the Carter's with Shelly making batches of soup for them, eating, hanging out and soaking up little Ellie - an adventure with the girls to Bountiful Pond (but dang those blasted mosquitos!) - sneaking into the girls' bedrooms to check on them before I go to bed. I'm not sure what it is about seeing them snoozing away that makes everything in the world just feel right, but it does - a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch that Lou and I got to tag along on (although the girls and I didn't wake up until 9:15 (9:15!!!) that day so we had to scoot Minnie over to preschool at 9:30 and then Lou and I met the group after we were decent) - taking family pictures for the Gummersalls - George coming over and replacing our nasty soaked carpet pad - lunch with Julia and my mom at Sawadee on Mom's day off from school - picking the two apples that made it through the frost this year on our apple tree - some cooler weather and warmer clothes - hanging out with the buds and their cute wives - watching Baby J with Julia and Colin and making a pizza party out of it - good smelling candles

worst: Minnie pooping her pants at a friends house because she was having too much fun playing to make it to the bathroom in time. I about died! Luckily I was there chatting with my friend as I was picking her up when it happened. You better believe those undies went right into the trash. Woof! - Lou wetting her pants on multiple friends' carpet because she gets distracted and forgets to tell us she needs to go many bodily fluids going on over here - Lou refusing a nap - Robert working all the live long day (and night) :( poor guy - Lou's hand getting pinched in nursery - holes in Lou's brand new jeans - lost basketball games


  1. Oh, Min... pooping her pants. Disgusting!! Remember when we went to Gardner's Village? Was it Lincoln or Bennett that was the baby?? I think Lincoln.