Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Halloween this year was so much fun! Both Min and Lou were totally into it and loved their costumes. Lou was certain she was going to be a skeleton for about three weeks, but once she put on the lobster costume she was hooked. I was surprised how often Minnie asked to be something other than Ariel after we'd bought her costume. Oof! Luckily the witch costume from last year still fits so we pulled that one out (which wasn't hard because she wears it fairly regularly as a dress up) and she was able to trade off between Ariel and a witch. Our cute friends let us borrow a wig, but after a couple tries we gave up on it and decided to spray her hair red for the big day (which was probably her favorite part of the costume). The Ursula and King Triton costumes took waaaaaay more time than they probably should have, but it was so much fun. I love that Robert loves to get into Halloween. He spent an hour and a half on the trident alone. The family costumes are a ton of fun but they always require a lot of work. I'm not sure we can pull one off every year, but we might try. I will probably try to find a costume that doesn't require painting myself purple ever again...messiest stuff ever. Lou said, "Mommy, you scary!" I thought so too.

The Monday before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch in Farmington to get pumpkins. The girls loved it and so did we. Later in the week Nick and Megan invited us to their ward trunk or treat and it was the first time Minnie was all dressed up, wig and all. A few kids called her Ariel during the party and it was as if all of Minnie's dreams had come true. "Mom, did you hear that? They think I'm Ariel!" Thank you to those blessed kids for making Minnie's Halloween! On Friday Julia, the girls and I went to my mom's school for their Halloween parade. I love going to that because not only do I get to see my mom in her element with her class, but I feel like I get to relive my childhood Halloween. It was so much fun and the girls loved it, although Lou had her fingers in her mouth 90% of the time because some of the costumes made her nervous. We ran to Banbury Cross for donuts and milk with Julia after the parade because...you can never have too much sugar around Halloween, right?

After spending a good chunk of Saturday working on our costumes we were finally ready for our ward trunk or treat which started early that evening. Most of the ward didn't know who Robert and I were because of the costumes, which was hilarious. After loading up on candy there, we headed to Nick and Megan's for their annual Halloween party and chowed down on such good soup and bread and treats. I love having somewhere to go after all of the trick-or-treating and an additional reason to dress up. After spending a few hours there we went to see Robert's mom and sister and by the time we got home and got the red washed out of Min's hair it was nearly midnight. Great parents, huh? Thank goodness for daylight savings. And now...the holidays have officially begun, right? I'm not looking forward to snow but being with family for days on end is what I live for.


  1. love the jack-o-lanterns--especially the scary ghouls who helped carve them.

  2. As usual, I teared up thinking of all the family fun I miss. You guys looked fantastic. We were gonna do a family costume, but the kids have minds of their own now and didn't want to be what we wanted them to. I guess we should have just been power Rangers with them.